Advisory Committee

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The Advisory Committee was a public body set up during the Second Carops Government to give a greater voice in government to parties with no representation in the ranks of the government itself. The move was originally declared by the Capitalist Party, The Liberalian Worker's Party, and the Republican Party. At first, the Carops government agreed to cooperate with the council, but following what the Prime Minister regarded as outlandish demands, including the ability to make laws and to have all its suggestions adopted, the committee was reminded that it was to serve as a "suggestion box" and nothing more. In May 2006, the government formally refused to recognise the Advisory Committee and a number of parties, mostly those making up the Moderate Coalition, boycotted it. The Socialist Party, which had expressed an interest, withdrew, and the Capitalist Party members most interested in preserving it claimed that they had been able to replace the Socialists with the even more left-wing Workers. Shortly after this, the Committee was dismantled and closed down by Prime Minister Carops.

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